Suraj Pai


I’m currently a research scholar in the AIM program housed at Mass General Brigham and Harvard Medical School focusing on generalizable and scalable deep learning to develop biomarkers for precision care in oncology. I’m also in the 3rd year of my PhD program at the GROW School for Oncology and Reproduction @ Maastricht University advised by Prof. Hugo Aerts.

Amidst the pandemic, I graduated cum laude with a MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences at Maastricht University and worked on AI-assisted radiotherapy at MAASTRO Clinic. I come from an engineering background (Bachelors in Electronics and Comms Engg.) with skills honed through freelancing and roles at several startups.

With my experiences, I hope to build AI and engineering systems that can benefit medical care.

Whenever I get a chance, I enjoy spending time in nature (New England is a birders paradise) and digging deeper into topics in ethics, epistemology and world history.


Feb 19, 2024 Our paper on design choices for CycleGANs in CBCT to CT translation will be presented at SPIE in San Diego by Ibrahim.
Oct 8, 2023 Presented a poster of my work on Foundation Models in Cancer Imaging at MICCAI AMAI Workshop!
Oct 8, 2023 Organized the SynthRAD Challenge at MICCAI 2023!
Sep 5, 2023 Foundation models for cancer imaging biomarkers is on Medrxiv 🥳
Jan 5, 2023 My work on image translation using CycleGANs for adaptive radiotherapy got accepted into Sensors!

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  1. Preprint
    Foundation Models for Quantitative Biomarker Discovery in Cancer Imaging
    Suraj Pai, Dennis Bontempi, Vasco Prudente, and 8 more authors
    medRxiv, 2023