About me

I am a research scholar at the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine program housed at Mass General Brigham and Harvard Medical School. I’m also in the 2nd year of my PhD program at the GROW School for Oncology and Reproduction @ Maastricht University advised by Prof. Hugo Aerts. I graduated cum laude with a MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences at Maastricht University. I also possess an engineering background with a Bachelors in Eletronics and Communications from Manipal Institute of Technology.

My work lies at the intersection of state of the art in machine learning and cutting edge developments in clinical practice. My current projects involve developing self-supervised learning driven imaging biomarkers (from phenotypes captured on Computed Tomography) for treatment selection in (mostly thoracic) oncology. Previously, I worked on generative AI in radiotherapy treatment monitoring applying CycleGANs to improve imaging quality advised by Dr. Enrique Hortal and Dr. Alberto Traverso.

Along with my main research, I’m a part of the DLinRT group and an organizer of SynthRAD at MICCAI 2023, the first image synthesis challenge in the radiotherapy domain. As a part of this challenge, we released the largest public dataset for the translation of MR and CBCT images to synthetic CTs.

Before I fully dedicated myself to research, I ventured through industry by taking on roles at consultancies, emerging-tech startups and through freelancing. I also attempted to launch my own startup in the social innovation space! Take a look at my portfolio if you’re interested to know more.