Suraj Pai

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I am currently a research scholar at Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Program at Harvard Medical School and a PhD candidate at Maastricht University GROW School for Oncology and Reproduction where I focus on identifying AI-based biomarkers for improving various aspects of medical care. I completed a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University. Over the course of the degree, I worked as a student research assistant at MAASTRO Clinic developing several deep learning pipelines, ranging from contouring to image synthesis, to improve radiation therapy.  

Prior to working in academia, I worked at several startups (BlinkIn, HappySpace, Cognitive Machines) helping them add Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques to their arsenal. Through my experiences in industry and academia, I hope to leverage best practices from both to produce scalable and reproducible research that can push the medical community forward.

Off the record

Born to a family of doctors, I was the black sheep, tinkering with computers and ever fascinated by technology. But when you grow up in a household where medical jargon dominates conversations, a certain sentiment toward it develops. I developed a passion to work with health and medical technology. I find it very satisfying to help add value and technology to betterment of healthcare and enabling systems to play my part in helping society.